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Internship Program

Nurturing Talents, Shaping Futures.


One of Ikadev Studio's key missions is to contribute to the growth of the gaming industry in Southeast Asia, particularly in our beloved home country, Indonesia. We believe that investing in future talent is essential to achieve this goal. Despite being a new and small team, we are committed to doing our part. To this end, we are dedicated to consistently enhancing our internship program and fostering our developer community.

Our internship program is structured as a 1-on-1 mentorship. Each intern will be paired with our own professional, gaining hands-on training and working on real tasks typically handled by these professionals.

We offer flexibility in our internship program, accommodating both full-time and part-time commitments, tailored to suit the intern's availability. While our studio is small, we ensure that all interns receive monetary compensation, though it is modest.

Open Positions

Visual Artist (2D)
(no vacancy until Jan 2025)

asset job vacancy 5-06_edited.png

Game Programmer

asset job vacancy-05.png
Rabbit Lair.jpg

We encourage university students who dream to work in the game industry to reach out to us with their CV and portfolio.



When will the internship program open?

The internship program is always open as long as we have the capacity.

Do I need to master a specific tool or software?

No. You are required to have some portfolio (e.g. art you drew, code you wrote, or a game you made), but you can make it using any tool or software you prefer.

Can we do the internship as part of the campus program? And can the company provide the required administration?

Yes, of course. The duration, start date, and end date can be adjusted according to your campus program. We can provide any document needed and help fill in any document required by your campus.

Is the internship open for students outside Indonesia?

Maybe, but it is difficult. One thing to note, because we are only a single-entity Indonesian company, we strictly pay salaries only in Indonesian Rupiah and we follow Indonesian taxation regulations. So if you are not an Indonesian citizen or someone who resides in Indonesia, employing you will be too much hassle. You may consider freelance work with us, but that will be a different discussion.

How many interns do you hire in a period of time?

Approximately as many as our team members. We encourage everyone in the team to have one intern at all times.

Can I apply as a visual artist if I want to do 3D, not 2D?

Currently, we only make games in 2D. So, unfortunately, no, we don’t hire any 3D artists for now.

Will my name be shown on the game’s credit roll?

Yes, of course. If you contribute something, your name will be there. Depending on the size of the contribution, you will be listed in different sections. You have the right to decline if you don’t want your name to be shown.

How to apply?

You can contact us through the chat on our website.

Why do we require a portfolio to apply for an internship?

Although it is an internship, the position still requires technical skills. It is like training to be a chef; you need to know how to use the knife and cook at home first.


Your portfolio doesn’t need to be professional work. You can follow any free tutorial online and have the end result as your portfolio. As long as you do it yourself, it is your portfolio.

Can we do the internship remotely?

Yes, you can even do it fully remote. Everyone working in our studio has the flexibility to work remotely. But remember you need to manage your time properly and work the hours agreed upon.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Typically, it will be a short 1-week process. It starts with you sending us your CV/resume and portfolio. We will share it with the relevant team. If anyone is interested and has the capacity to take an intern, our team will contact you.

Can I apply as a game programmer if I use another game engine, not Godot?

Yes, but you will be required to learn and use Godot here. If you do not want to use Godot in the future, then this program might not be suitable for yo

Can I put the work I do as an intern here in my future portfolio?

Yes, but under strict guidance. All work done as an intern or employee here is owned by the company. However, you are credited for the work you do and can put it in your portfolio within the IP guidance.

I’m not a student, can I still apply as an intern?

Yes. But as an intern, you will be treated like an intern, which means lower expectations, more learning opportunities, smaller responsibilities, smaller compensation, scoped involvement, and guidance by a mentor.

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